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Our Team
Our team brings a wealth of industry expertise delivering exceptional results for clients. Working with diverse businesses across various sectors has allowed us to build strong partnerships built on trust, open communication, and shared success.
Core Values
Listening and learning to provide empathy and perceptive understanding of our clients' needs.
Our people

Meet the Pros

At Proscalar, our exceptional team leaders are the backbone of our organization, uniting our talented individuals and orchestrating successful outcomes through their unwavering dedication and cohesive teamwork.
Employee Headshot - Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
CEO & Managing Partner
Employee Headshot - Bill Position
Bill Position
Chairman & Managing Partner
Employee Headshot - Kyle Whatley
Kyle Whatley
Project Manager
Employee Headshot - Nathan McDaniel
Nathan McDaniel
Business Development Lead
Employee Headshot - Chelsea Parler
Chelsea Parler
Creative Marketing Director
Employee Headshot - Hallie Locke
Hallie Locke
Communications Lead