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We are driven by the desire to see our clients succeed.

About Proscalar

We have decades of experience in data-driven marketing to help us understand the audience, get to the right customers, and track that we are reaching them. We have built our entire approach around creating a process to achieve results. As an integrated marketing agency, we offer comprehensive services to help brands navigate the digital landscape.
We were born from a high pedigree of firms assisting customers in solving business problems. With our founders' background in consulting and software, they discovered that agencies and brands had a considerable need to leverage today’s digital tools hyper-efficiently. So, we did what we knew how to do, build processes to deliver on business goals. When the team we built uncovered how significant the need was, we decided to rebrand and launch in 2019 as a focused marketing company, Proscalar.

Our vision is to connect communities through smart, impactful communication.

It’s not about one pitch; it’s about all the different ones and different ways you pitch over the different platforms and environments to reach people today. That’s how you reach the summit.

What we deliver is more than just an ad or campaign. We provide tools and ideas based on our clients’ specific needs. We’re going to find the right solutions and creatives to achieve against the metrics that matter most. Then we put the reporting in place so that we can continuously tweak and refine the strategy.

Our ultimate goal is to have our clients’ back and support their success. They may be busy managing many things, but we have put together the tools to maintain their process and ensure the success they need to be a hero in their organization and for their customers.
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WHY Proscalar

Key Differentiators

Intelligent Data Tools

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Decades of experience in database marketing for developing effective messaging and delivering cost-effective campaigns to the right audiences using data-driven processes.

Strategic Partnerships

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We were founded by an expert team in high-end management consulting and implementation. We align strategic goals with the right skill sets and support for delivering results.

Adventure and Support

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We believe in fearless marketing and innovation with a firm footing in tradition. We are boldly committed to empowering our clients as leaders supporting leaders.
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The name PROSCALAR comes originally from the Spanish word for climb—escalar—and an acronym that encompasses our approach (PROS) as an agency. Climbing is a team sport. It isn’t about climbing over others to reach the top. It is about working hard, taking care of each other, and making sure everyone reaches the summit together.